Applications of Tungsten Copper Bar

2019-10-11 17:04:02

Tungsten Copper Bar

Tungsten copper composite materials have became attracted materials in many new technology areas due to its excellent mechanical properties and thermal and electrical properties。WCu alloy is the composite of Tungsten and Copper, which own the excellent performances of Tungsten and Copper, such as heat-resistant, ablate-resistant, high-intensity, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.Copper–tungsten provide very good corrosion resistance and have excellent mechanical properties. Such materials are widely used in many types of oil devices, as they can protect them against oxidation

The density of CuW90 (10% of copper) is 16.75 g/cm3 and for CuW50 it is 11.85 g/cm3. Because of its density and hardness, Copper–tungsten is ideal for use in high density applications, electrical discharge machining, electrical contacts, resistance welding, heat sinks, electro-chemical machining, projection welding electrodes, electro-forming and electro-forging dies and armaments.WCu alloy is easy to be machined. mainly for the manufacture of high-voltage electrical switch contacts for arc ablation and high-temperature components such as rocket nozzle throat linings and tail rudders, as well as electrodes for electromachining, high temperature molds and others.Where electrical and thermal conductivit。Application: resistance welding electrode, spark electrode, high voltage discharge tube electrode, electronic packaging material.