• Applications of Tungsten Copper Bar

    WCu alloy is the composite of Tungsten and Copper, which own the excellent performances of Tungsten and Copper, such as heat-resistant, ablate-resistant, high-intensity, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.Copper–tungsten provide very good

    2019-10-11 17:04:02

  • Kovar expansion alloy 4J29, K94610, 1.3981

    Kovar / Nilo K / Alloy K (UNS K94610 / ASTM F15) , UNS K94610 Werkstoff Nr 1.3981. DIN 17745. ASTM F 15. AMS 7726 Wire AMS 7727 Bars and Forgings AMS 7728 Sheet, Strip and Plate MIL-I-23011 class 1.

    2019-08-06 11:30:29

  • Zirconium Bar ASTM B550

    ASTM B550 / B550M - 07(2012)? Standard Specification for Zirconium and Zirconium Alloy Bar and Wire. This specification covers three grades of zirconium and zirconium alloy bar and wire as grade R60702, unalloyed zirconium; grade R60704, zirconium-ti

    2019-08-06 11:30:08

  • Pure Tungsten Bar

    Appearance : Silver gray metallic luster . Grade : W-1 W-2 W-3 W-4? Density:≥17.0g /cm3 Main application : W-1 is used for making the pole , wire drawing , or doing steel-making additive . W-4 is used as the steel-making additives .

    2019-01-25 15:03:39

  • Tungsten Wire

    Brief Introduction of?Tungsten Wire?There is a kind of?tungsten?wire named Doped Tungsten Wire, also known as 218 tungsten wire or non-sag tungsten wire. It is the forging of?tungsten bar, and made of fine wire drawing, mainly used in incandescent, h

    2019-01-25 15:02:57

  • Stranded Tungsten Wire

    Heating Resistors are used as heating components to plate the substrates of kinescope,mirrors,plastics,metal and various decorations.Stranded wires are used as raw material of heating elements,and also as heating components of semiconductors and vacu

    2019-01-25 15:02:25

  • Clean Tungsten Wire

    The surface of electrolytic polished tungsten wire shall be smooth, clean gray silver with metal luster, Thetungsten wire features excellent formability, long life and super lighting efficiency , Mainly applied for making various electron tube, H ser

    2019-01-25 15:01:57

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